I visited this area in early 2014 to do some snowboarding on Mt. Bachelor with a friend from the area and let me tell you it’s beautiful up there. I could see the Three Sisters way off in the distance and imagined myself climbing to the summits of each one. Still won’t be summiting but the PCT passes within 2-3 miles of each sister. The plan is to head out after retrieving a mail drop resupply package from Shelter Cove Resort at the beginning of this section on Aug. 11 and hike 3.5 days passing through this amazing land and arriving in the town of Sisters on Aug. 14. where hopefully I will be thanking you and celebrating your contribution to this adventure.

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The Three Sisters Wilderness is located in Central Oregon along and around the crest of the high cascades. It is a region of unparalleled beauty in the state of Oregon, with a wide variety of mountaineering possibilities along with beautiful lakes and meadows. It is one of the more popular wildernesses in Oregon, being host to throngs of people during the peak summer months of July and August. The weather in the Three Sisters during the summer is generally mild, with sunny days and high in the 70’s and 80’s common for most of the season. Hikers can expect to find snow covering the higher trails up until early to mid-August. The Three Sisters Wilderness is famous for its own brand of aggressive mosquitoes, especially in the lake and pond dotted southern half. The mosquitoes generally die down by mid-august, so be prepared for them in June and July especially. There are approximately 240 miles of trail within the wilderness, leading to mountain climbing take-off points, alpine meadows, and more than 300 lakes. The wilderness varies in elevation between 1,500 feet at the McKenzie Ranger Station to 10,358 feet at the summit of the South Sister. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) traverses the Wilderness for 40 miles.

From The Guide Book

Pacific Crest Trail by Wilderness Press

In section E, the PCT traverses three types of terrain. The first third of this section’s PCT traverses flatter land that is still generally viewless but with very enjoyable lakes (once the mosquito population dwindles). On the northern third, the trail skirts the Three Sisters, and views abound of glacier-draped peaks and spreading, sinister lava flows. Like section C’s Lakes Wilderness, this section’s Three Sisters Wilderness, which dominates most of the section, is flooded with weekend hikers. And for good reason – it is very scenic and readily accessible.

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