Co-Hikers, Conspirators, and Superheroes a-like this page is for you. 


We want you!

Here I will be spotlighting fellow Co-hikers and the members of my support group. By the end you will have all played an important role in helping me finish the trail, whether through advice and encouraging words or directly supporting me by mailing resupply packages or knocking down the miles along side me. You all deserve to be in the the spotlight and it is my hope that each of you have a part of this adventure you can call your own.

As Co-hikers you will be joining forces with a large group of friends, family, superheroes, and co-conspirators who have already helped me out tremendously. Don’t worry if you don’t know the when and where or even the how. I will be writing posts and including links to all kinds of information about hiking the PCT, just let me know you want to join and I’ll help you be a part of this adventure.

IMG_0755Tough Mudder…….just a walk in the park for this BAMF. Standing next to each other you wouldn’t know it, aside form the grey in my beard, that this beast of a man is my little brother, Cody. He is bigger, faster, stronger and some would even wager a bit smarter but you’ll never hear me admit to it. He is also a incredible husband and father who’s superhero powers enable him to be a firefighter, EMT, helicopter pilot and one of my favorite human beings and I am totally stoked to have him starting off this adventure with me. Cody will be hiking with me for the first 3.5 days in the first sectionfrom, the Mexico border to Mt. Laguna.


IMG_0759This is Khaira. She is my roommate/gardener/property manager/friend/co-conspirater/all around AWESOME person. I definitely couldn’t be doing alot of the things including the PCT with out her. She is the head of my home support group, in charge of keeping my house and property safe and sound and my garden thriving while I am gone as well as shipping out my mail-drop resupply packages plus anything else I might need along the way. One of her super powers are baking amazingly delicious cookies which I’m hoping will find their way in to a few of my resupply boxes.


10888844_10155023275125014_2747617452455547223_nThis one……WOW! Kristen and I met in the summer of 2013 while we were both volunteering at a hospital in Haiti. That was quite the experience and of all the things I expected I never thought I’d meet her. She is truly a super hero and as a pediatric ICU nurse its easy to see her super powers shine as she cares for and supports her patients and their families in their greatest time of need. I am truly grateful to have met her and for the friendship that has developed and grown in to what is now a wonderful relationship. She will be joining me for a pretty amazing section in early September and I’m super stoked about sharing this experience with her.


clintHere I come to save the daaaay! Clint is a good hearted fella who wants to help everyone. He has family vacations already planned out for this year so he won’t be able to join me on the PCT but that’s O.K. because I have talked him into being my training partner…..which wasn’t very hard to do. Its super helpful to have someone to train with especially when you start the hike by loading up your pack with rocks to add extra weight and knowing you’ll need that little bit extra support to push you to the end. Clint is a super hero of a friend and I am glad to have his help in training, it’s definitely going to pay off.



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