I knew California was long but boy did it just never seem to end. I did some serious miles the past week (37.5 yesterday) and now I’m finally in a different state and it feels like I’m actually making head way.

California was absolutely beautiful and there are lots of places that I want to visit again. Perhaps at a slower pace. My favorite by far was the high Sierras especially the high alpine passes. There is just something amazing and very surreal about standing at the top of a pass and looking out over the world.

I have been hiking pretty comfortable for the the last few months meaning my pack has been heavy with extra food and gear that I didn’t really need but made life easy and really good. But I’ve decided to hike little different through Oregon. Light and fast. I’ve sent home a couple pounds of comfort gear, am only carrying the exact amount of food that I need and my new pack weighs much less. We’ll see how it goes, I’m planning on doing around 35 miles per hiking day, my next stop is Crater Lake which I’m really looking forward to. 3 days and 106 miles away. Wish me luck.


Good bye California, hello Oregon



This is a day before Ashland. Still super smoky.


Last year's fire damage



A nice mountain spring. Not a gusher but it was enough and tastes so pure.

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