Well I left Echo Lake expecting to hike to Sierra City 4 days away but then Little Bear and I realized that we would have to wait there 2 extra days for the post office to open. All the days kinda blur together and one easily forgets the normal things that happen in the normal world like post offices being closed on national holidays such as the 4th of July….woops. Brain storming on how to make the best of the situation we decided that an adventure with in an adventure is always a good idea so we rented a car and headed down to San Francisco to celebrate independence day.



Maybe walking up Lombard street wasn't the best thing to do on a rest day...


While in San Francisco we meet up with another friend and checked out the city for a bit but then decided to get out of the city before it got to crazy and headed back to a friends of Little Bear’ where we were staying to watch fire works. It all ended up being a pretty chill weekend and am thankful for the break from the trail.

It’s now Monday and we are heading back to Truckee to drop off the rental car and get back on the trail.

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