We made it to Tehachapi around noon on the 21st and hitched a ride into town with a trail angle named Jett Blue. She dropped us off at the post office where we picked up our packages containing new shoes and a few snacks.

Like in all trail towns this time of year you all ways run into hikers you know. We took some time to catch up with Ego, Scotland and Ninja who we did a few days of hiking with and shared a hotel room with back in Wrightwood.

After the post office we got a room at the Holiday Inn and called up Enterprise and rented a car for the day….


or…. in our eye a bad ass supped up 4×4.

North of Tehachapi is the driest stretch of the PCT making it one of the most difficult sections. The longest stretch with out water for most hikers is 42 miles or two days. I say “most hikers” because we decided to make it easy on ourselves and stash water every 10 miles or so, which worked out to 5 different water caches.




Sharing the goods...


The makings of a desert luau.

The road was gated and locked shut at our second planned cache and before we made it to the 4th cache site the road became impassable even for this monster  4×4.


How do you prevent being high centered?....You move remove the rock.

Little Bear handled the driving, I navigated and our two european friends Cat and Headquarters handled the documentation. Check out Cat’s blog and post here.


We and the car made it back in one piece and we resupplied at a local grocery store where a few more shenanigans were had….


And then after taking our “quad” through an automatic car wash I returned it in tip top shape and had the attendant drop me off at the AT&T store where I picked up a new phone. I settled for a Galixy Note 4 with a 18 day standby battery life. Far far better than the I Phone.

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