I had to get a new phone in Tehachapi and lost all the posts I had saved on my I phone. Wahhh Wahhh wah.  Iphones are notorious for short battery life and out in the middle of the woods the issue becomes even more apparent. On top of the battery problem Siri decided to go crazy on me and the phone as a whole more or less stopped working so it was off to the store for me and back to the factory for Siri.  I guess it was for the best as I was having a had time finding enough time and focus to write a post every day and I think i will go back to writing a post every week or so.

Between Acton and Tehachapi there was a lot of walking through the desert, at one point the only water source for miles was the LA aqueduct. A giant system of pipes and man made rivers feeding water into Los Angeles.


The trail also winds through wind farms where giant wind turbines, some installed in the 1990’s, send thousands of kilowatts per day to Los Angeles.


Some people don’t like the wind farms because they harm the land and destroy the scenery giving the mountains a very industrial look. And even though I work in the oil industry I’d much rather see these than oil derricks pumping out our natural resources.

Roughly three days after leaving the Acton KOA campground I passed the 500 mile mark. Woop woop! Another milestone in the books.

>font color=”#000000″>Little Bear, myself and most of the other hikers made a stop at the Anderson’s and a place called Hiker Town for some R&B.


The Anderson’s is a pretty awesome place. At first i wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. Places like this have a way of sucking you in and some hikers have been know to stay for weeks. But after arriving and getting settled in I was glad I was there. The Anderson’s have been hosting hikers at their house for 12 years offering them showers, laundry and the best taco salad dinner ever. And to top it all off they make coffee and pancakes every morning before shuttling hiker back to the trailhead.

Its a lot of work hosting hikers, especially the number off hikers on the trail this year, the prediction is around 2000. We are a wild bunch of people from all types and when enough of us get together some pretty hilarious shenanigans can happen but Mrs. Anderson always gets the last laugh. Before she start shuttling hikers she gathers everyone together for a group picture and then just as the picture is taken she moons the while crowd. I guess we deserved it.

Hiker Town is a pretty cool place too. The fella there has set up his two car garage as a lounge complete with a kitchen, bathroom and plenty of soft couches and recliners for us to relax in. Throughout years he has slowly added various different sheds arranging and decorating them into his own little village that hikers can rent out for the night. Check it out and see more pictures at www.Hikertown.com


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