The day consisted mostly if dodging this bush. 


They call it poodle dog bush and I’m not sure why but it will irritate your skin like poison oak or ivy. There was a good amount of it before lunch and we herd reports of it being even worse in the up ahead.



A lot of people decided to skip the 12 mile section said to covered in poodle dog bush and I almost joined them. I walked 300 yards down the road with Little Bear and then my stubbornness ego got a hold of me and I turned around to walk the section. I could tell by the foot prints that I was one of only a few people who chose to challenge the poodle dog bush.


Along the way I ran into a trail crew who were out there doing trail maintenance and they told me that the trail was clear. For once my stubbornness and ego help make a good decision and the next 9 miles were some of the best hiking yet. 


Jerry Stone and his horse. je also had to other fellas working with him, Pet and Jon. thanks for the hard work guys



I ended up making it to camp only and hour after the road walkers and just as some weather was setting in. Tonight is going to be cold.


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