Today was the day of the of the yellow-legged frog. Apparently there is an endangered frog around these parts and the PCT goes right through the heart of their habitat. So….they had to make a detour. A 20 mile detour…..WHAT the H, No Way! Who makes a 20 mile detour? Who? 20 miles for hikers is like an 600 mile detour in a car. Everyone including us followed a 4.9 mile detour. Now that’s a lot better.


The green is the 20 mile detour they wanted us to take bit following the yellow and then road walking along the purple section was a much better choice.


But it was a little hard to follow the unofficial detour and we had to take way to much time confirming our position, a lot of hikers just gave up and ended up road walking about 7 miles and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones coursing that little frog.


We also ran into a fella named Rain Gear who we had met back at the Sky Ranch. We all stopped for dinner at the 400 mile mark and celebrated with the rest of the beers we were carrying and a few swigs from the bottle of Jim Bean Rain Gear had with him.

All in all a good day despite the shenanigans with the frog. 

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