We hung out in Wrightwood way to long….I think this might be something I should start expecting to happen, it’s just so hard to leave. 

Any way…I left in style, the same way I arrived



Most of the day was spent climbing Mt. Baden Powell. Some of you might recognize the name as the man who founded the Boy Scouts many many years ago.

On the top of the Mountain at an elevation of 9377 there is a pretty cool monument for him. Being an Eagle Scout, it was pretty cool seeing it up there, brought back some great memories from scouting.


 The climb was made a bit more challenging by the extra weight in my pack. I’m caring 12 oranges to hand out as well as 4 beers. I figured if you’re going to climb to the top of a tall $&€£* mountain you should definitely have something to celebrate with. Little bear also carried up a few beers and some whiskey which is really nice as a night cap at the end of the day.

On the way up we also passed this tree with a sign that said it was at least 1500 years old. Just imagine it’s story….

A sentry throughout the ages

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