Over the next four days we varyed our mileage depending on the terrain, pack weight and water sources  but in the end we really didn’t feel any differently by the time we made it to Wrightwood. 

We did however feel pretty good about creating out own trail magic.

Little Bear hiked in a bunch of cookies and decorated a tree with them for the hikers behind us.


And I hiked in a entire bag of mandarins to hand out to hikers along the way. You wouldn’t believe how excited people get about fresh fruit out here.


We also found the official PCT Mcdonalds….or at least there was an official sign for it. The French fries were even better than they usually are.

A few days before we made it to Wrightwood we ran into a bit of rain but just a bit as most of the precipitation was dumped in the mountains above us as snow. We camped at a lake and watched it snow in the mountains.


We made it to Wrightwood about 6:30 on the 9th and got a ride into town from some really nice folks Peter and Evette who postponed their evening hike to give us a ride. It amazes me and I am extremely thankful for all of the trail angels.

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