So what do you do when you have a tired hiker and a lot of food to carry back to the hotel?……You put on your best “trust me” face and ask the grocery store clerk if you and the other hikers you are with could push the carts back to the hotel and the promise over and over again that you will bring them back.

Wrightwood, CA is a small little mountain town situated in a small valley and surrounded mountains. It’s main focus is on sking during the winter and hiking during the summer. 

The best store there is the Mountainhardware  store. It is pretty small but it might actually be the best hardware store I’ve ever seen. They had a little bit of everything….not a little bit of everything like a Wallmart super center does bit a little bit of everything that you actually need. One could have bought every thing to start a garden, fix a faucet or climb a mountain here.

Little bear bought a new pair of boots to replace his shoes that he wore holes in. We were wearing the same kind but he and a lot of other hikers had this years Brooks Cascadia 10’s and for what ever reason they don’t last as long as last years Cascadia 9’s that I have or even the 8’s that I’ve seen a few other people wear.

I bought a new water bladder and some more bio degradable soap.

The store also hosted a pretty good hiker box and was the place to find a ride to the trail or a place to stay for the night. Most of the time with a trail angle and for free. Whoop whoop.

 A hikerbox where hikers can drop off things they don’t want and maybe find some thing they need thy another hiker no longer wanted. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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