I wish every trail town had a hotel like this. I know going on and on about it but boy was it nice. 


It was also very hard to leave and between stuffing our faces with the best complimentary breakfast ever, waiting on a cab ride and then waiting again for little bear to hitch back to town to retrieve the treking poles he left at the hotel…..oh boy….we got a late start and didn’t bit the trail until after noon.

Our legs were well rested and I had come up with a slightly different hiking strategy which I hoped would be or at least feel easier so leaving late wasn’t that big of a deal.

In the past we had been hiking 20 miles a day regardless of pack weight or elevation gain….made for some long days….. This time we would try reducing our daily mileage in the beginning when our packs are the heaviest and the increase the mileage when our packs are lighter or the terrain flat. All in all we would still get to Wrightwood on the same day and over the next few days our mileage would vary from 15 to 25 and hopefully help us not to feel so beaten down along the way.

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