Yesterday on the 3rd we hitch into Big Bear City around 9:30 am and got a room at the local Best Western.  It is by far the nicest Best Western I have ever stayed in and probably ever will. The offical name is the Best Western Big Bear Chateau and its super fancy. Way too fancy for a bunch of hiker trash. We all felt very out of place and wondered if we would even be given a room. Turns out people are super nice around here and the manager even let us check in to our room at 9:30 so we could shower and clean up a bit before we did our shoping. So greatfull for that as we hadn’t showerd in 5 days.



The weather report showed an 80% chance of thunderstorms today and our legs were still pretty sore so we decided to stay an extra day in town and another night of soaking in the hot tub.


Feels oh so good!

Funny thing is that the thunder storm never came and infact as I write this it is a beautiful sunny but cool day, a great day to be hiking but I guess the universe knows best and used the threat of thunder and lightning to keep us here resting up for the next 5 day 100 mile push to Wrightwood.

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