Last night we were so tired we didn’t even set up tents we and a hand full of other people just cowboy camped and quickly fell to sleep as we were intending to hike another 20 miles today.  We left camp at 7:00 am and by the time we made it to the house of trail angles Ziggy and Bear at 9:30 it was already blazing hot and we were pouring sweat. Ohhh this day was not going to be fun.

Ziggy and Bear are a retired couple in their late 70’s who bought a house right next to the PCT with the sole purpose of hosting hikers. And on this day they were a godsend. After washing up and signing their register they give you a ice cold Gateraide and tell you to sit back, relax and stay as long as you need to. The also have showers, restroom, and will organize and pick up pizza orders for everyone. They do most of this on a donation bases and for the sole enjoyment of helping someone out.

Almost everyone ordered a pizza and Little Bear and I paid $12 for two pizzas each. One to eat know and one to eat on the trail. And let me tell you 12 hour old pizza stuffed into a backpack is just as good as when it came out of the oven….if not better.

The time at Ziggy and Bear’s allowed us to rethink our hiking strategy for getting threw the next 60 miles of desert and the three of us decided to it would be best to night hike the rest of the way to Big Bear City.

It was much cooler and we only needed to carry about a third of the water we would have needed during the day which greatly lighted our packs and we made good time arriving at the Interstate 18 trailhead at about 2:00 am on the 2nd. We pitched camp and slept until the morning when we could hitch a ride into town.

Hiking at night was good in that our packs were lighter and we avoided the scorching heat but it greatly lacks in scenery as the only thing you can see is the few feet that your head light illuminates which makes for a very monotonous hike.

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