We thought this day was going to be good, really good after the intense climb we had the day before. The maps and elevation charts showed that the trail would be downhill for most of the day……boy were we wrong! Downhill is great but not for miles after miles, the longest stretch dropping something like 5000 feet over 9 miles. By the time we all finished everyone was taking their second dose of vitamin I (ibuprofen).

And just to taunt us we could see the water source and camp site from the top of the last hill. It was 6 miles of downhill switchbacks and every time we came around the southeast side we had a quick glimpse of our goal but it never really looked any closer and after awhile I swear we were just on a never ending dirt tread mill.

KC and I were in ahead of Little Bear for most of the day and towards the end, about 2 miles out, we ran out of water and practically ran the rest of the way to the water faucet. After rehydrating and about 30 minutes of waiting for Little Bear I grabbed 2 liters of water and stated back up the switchbacks we had just came down thinking that he too most likely had ran out of water. I found him out of water but still trucking down the hill like a champ about a mile and a half out. I gave him on of the liters of water and we both strolled in to camp like conquering heroes.

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