Today Little bear and I picked up the two tents we are testing for Backpacker Magazine. One is a Seirra Designs Flashlight and a Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo I Ultralight shelter system, both sub 2 lbs. Unfortunately we forgot to check if the tents came with stakes and the one from Hyperlite Mountain gear didn’t and needs like 10……apparently if you can afford $575 for a shelter system you can afford your own stakes. Should have seen that one coming, we’ll pick up stakes in Big Bear City and until then we will improvise using rocks and our packs as anchors which actually works out quite well.

Echo I

Flashlight 1

After picking up the tents and shipping our old tent, with the stakes we needed, to Acton, Ca, buying 5 days of food and packing everything into our packs the three of us headed back to the trail which included and not so fun road walk and trial that was pretty steep and destroyed our legs right off the back. Hurts on the way up but the views have been incredible and we got high enough in the San Jacinto Mountains to find some snow.

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