I got a question from Mrs. Gobrogge’s class asking what animals I have spotted. Most of the hike here in the southern part of California has been in the high desert which makes spotting animals while hiking during the day a little tricky because most reptiles and mammals hide in the shade of rocks or burrows to avoid the heat and only come out during the few hours before and after sun rise and set. But even so we have spotted a few interesting creatures. Pictures are worth 1000 words and I wish these were my images but I’m not that quick with the camera so I found these in the web.

Horned Lizard

Baja California Brush Lizard

California Toad

Western Rattlesnake

Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus on a Showy Milkweed flower ...

Monarch Butterfly

Name:  IMGP0472r.jpg Views: 6163 Size:  101.7 KB

Common Buckeye butterfly

Red Fox

Western Grey Squirrel

California Ground Squirrel

California Chipmunk

California Field Mouse

Stellers Jay Bird ( I saw one of these chase a fox away from its nesting site).

Acorn Woodpecker ( They peck holes into the pine trees to store acorns for food in the winter).

Raven ( Lots of these soaring in the evening sky)

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