What a night! Good food, good people and the most important……a warm and dry place to sleep. 

We all woke up at 7:00 am when the cooks and wait staff showed up to open the restaurant for the day. We collected all of are wet clothes we had drying on a few of the coat hooks and chairs, deflated our air mats and shuffled ourselves and gear outside. And then after squaring packs away and we came inside for breakfast and boy was it good. We had coffee while looking over the menu and at just about the same time as Legend sat down at the table next to us and ordered a rootbeer float Little bear saw that they had mimosas and came up with the idea of mimosa ice cream floats. 

Holy cow they were good, almost like a dream sickle only way better. I’ll be ordering theses anytime I can and when I get back I’m having a mimosa float brunch and you are all invited.

After finishing breakfast we filled up our water and the three of us got a lift back to the trail head from Legend and started hiking north again. 

In 2013 a large fire burnt a good portion of the San Josentose mountants and we had to take a alternate route around the burn area which took us off the actuall PCT and back down to highway 74, the same highway Paradise Valley cafe was on. We could have just walked the highway but we came to hike the PCT and there was no way I was going to skip a section even if it ment I had to walk more miles….and it did. 

By the time we made it the highway it was dark and we still had what we thought to be a 1 mile road walk which actually turned into a 5 mile road walk and we finialy made it to our camp site at Hurkey Creek campground around 10:30 pm. The extra miles made it the second 25 mile day we did…..so so tired!

I know what most of you are thinking….walking the shoulder of a highway at night isn’t safe or smart buts it’s what we had to do and we did it as safe as possible. KC and Little Bear lead the way with their headlights on and I followed close behind with my headlight on backwards and in the strobe setting so that any cars coming from behind would easily see us and when ever a car did come down the road we got into the grass as far as posible. 

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