Well we had an excellent time catching up and meeting fellow hikers last night and when we woke Legend kept to his name and word and had coffee and pancakes ready for us.

Thanks to mike and Legend we had a good start to the morning but the weather didn’t improve much and before long we were hiking in light rain again. 

The plan was to hike to mile marker 149 for a total of 22 miles that day but by the afternoon it was pouring rain and we decided to push a few more miles for the Paradise valley Cafe where we heard rumors that we could camp in their back yard.

Some where along the trail we meet up with a hiker names KC and together the three of us hikes through the rain and cold to the trail head. 

 It was still pouring rain, we were soaking wet and freezing cold to the point of shivering, it was 7:00 pm, the cafe closed at 8:00 and we still had a some what dangerous mile long road walk. But then just as we started walking a car passing us going the opposite direction pulled what I am sure was an illegal U-turn and asked if we wanted a ride. HECK YEAH WE WANT A RIDE! The guy named of all things Paul Walker was a avid hiker and was more than happy to help out three soaking wet hikers. 

We arrived to The Paradise Cafe and were immediately welcomed in and upon seeing us a couple who was almost finished with the last of their drinks got up and offered us their table. And the kindness from strangers just kept coming. The wait staff were very accommodating and friendly to us even though we were quickly making a sizable puddle on the floor. 

And as we were setting up our tent the owner came out and said we could sleep in the cafe. WHAT! With very shocked and greatfull looks on our faces we said yes and thank you 100’s of times as we moved all of our still soaking wet gear in to the cafe. And a few moments later all the employees were gone and we had the place all to our self.


Who dose things like this? Welcome a buch of strangers into their place of busness over night with out any kind of supervision. Very very trusting and outstanding individuals. Thank you to all of the Paradise Valley cafe staff.  


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