We had great intentions of leaving erly and woke up at 5 am but after two days off it proved very hard to leave Warner Springs and we didn’t hit the trail until 7:45…..I have know idea what happened and suspect that Warner Springs is in the middle of some kind of time bending gravitational field. Possibly casused by the amount of electrical device being charged of a single wall outlet.

 Once we escaped from the time warp we made good time on the trail helped out by the overcast sky’s and the threat of rain which quickly came and we rolled into our last water stop for the day cold and slightly wet.

But not to worry the universe balanced itself out and the what I thought was just a water tank provided by a kind rancher turned out to be the “Sun set ranch” not really a ranch as much as a place provided by a trail angle named Mike for weary hikers to rest. 

Turns out that it was Friday and just by luck every weekend durning hiker season Mike and a few of his friends come up from the city with coolers full of beer and enough food to feed the 20 pluse hikers staying there. 


 And on top of that we also me Legend who was on his way back from a road trip to Nicaragua and decided to be a trail angle and said he would be making coffee and cooking pancakes for us in the morning.

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