Day 7 and 8 are kinda a blur and have melded into one very very long long day. It all started out great and we had an easy morning hike form our campsite at mile 82.5 and hiked to a water cash at Scissors crossing to eat a breakfast and load up on water. When we got there we found plenty of water plus a few gallons from a hiker named Bat. Bat an very well travel hiker who has made multiple thru-hikes all over the world and the really amazing thing is that he is as blind as a bat, hence his trail name. He is technically legally blind but has just enough vision to hike on his own. How he does it, I have know idea but he is an great guy and carried to extra gallons from a near by town to help all of us out. Thanks Bat.

We were feeling great after having breakfast and finding the water Bat left but shortly after that is when a few poor choices turned our hike into quite a challenge.  Little Bear hates the heat so we decided to try to night hike so we found a nice flat spot on top of hill with a nice cool breeze and made camp to sleep through the heat of the day. Unfortunately the tent we have is very poor at blocking the sun and it turned out to be hotter in the tent than out in the sun and we got very very little sleep. Eventually we bailed out of the tent and found some shade under the only tree around.

So hot and tired!

About 4:30 we and with much frustration we gave up on sleep and decided to start hiking threw the high desert.

We made it to the 3rd Gate water cache at mile 91.2 at about 11:00 pm to load up on more water and cook a quick dinner and grab a few hours of sleep before continuing on. Our goal was to hike at least 15 miles over the night and although we were tired we were still making good time.

     We were planning on making camp about five miles after the 3rd gate water cache but shortly after leaving a very wet, cold and dense fog moved in and we had to put on full rain gear and hats and gloves.

IMG_1095So basically we went from sweating bullets to freezing our butts of all with in 15 hours.

IMG_1094We quickly realized that it was pointless to even try to set up camp and reluctantly decided to keep hiking to the next camp site at Barrel springs at mile 101.1. Oh so much walking!!!!

IMG_1096We did however reach the first mile stone of completing the first 100 miles. Woop Woop!

IMG_1099We eventually made it to barrels springs at 8:00 am on day 8 the 21st. and set up camp to catch some Z’s before continuing on to Warner Springs. And oh did it feel so good to finally lay down.

IMG_1105About 5:30 that same day we packed up camp and stated another night hike into Warner Springs. Along the way we had the best sunset view so far.

IMG_1107 We arrived at about 11:00 pm and quickly set up camp; to tired to cook dinner and quickly fell fast asleep.


  1. Mrs. Gobrogge’s class would like to know what animals you have seen. Mammals reptiles and insects. It looks like you are having a good time I am jealous of you and love living through your adventures.

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