Had a great hike from the Mexican boarder to our first resupply at Mt. Laguna. With me was my bro “Shrek” and a another hiker named Little Bear. 



The first day was awesome and we all excited and energized with that high one gets at the beginning of any adventure. The second day however was a bit more challenging for us as well as most other hikers. It was hotter than the first and 20 miles from the boarder to the first water source and a few unprepared hikers had to call it quits and get off the trail. We made that 20 miles in two days and could have done a lot better portioning out our water supplies as we ran out of water about a mile and a half to Lake Morena. But we came in strong and headed directly for the water faucet then to the local cafe for burgers and beers.



We were a bit better off the next two days with a water source at the end of day 3 and the making it into Mt. Laguna I’m day 4 with the entire afternoon to enjoy some more beers and burgers followed by some trail frezbe…which was actually Cody’s camp plate.


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