I said I wouldn’t blog every day but it’s becoming to hard to remember all the things that happens along the way and the feelings that go with them so I have decided to jounal on here every day I can both for npmy self and for you all back home. Everything is going to come out pretty raw and unpolished so try not to mind the spelling and grammar mistakes.


Today was the second 15 miler day and we set camp at mile 72.5. The weather report would have shown it only slightly hotter than yesterday but without much shade along this section it felt a lot hotter and we had to break under the tent for a few hours at Rodrigues Spur Truck Trail water stop and saw Stim. His name is actually Tim but we thought it was Steve for the first four days and since everyone out here winds up with a trail name we all thought we should just combine the two and call him Stim. We also learned that a hiker named Hammer Time had to drop out due to a knee injury, that would make a total of 4 people that I know of whom had had to quit. The stats are that about half will quit in the first month.


Tomorrow will be a short day as we only plan on hiking until noon and then taking a long nap avoiding the heat and night hiking through the rest of the desert.

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